13401 Sleeping Bag Cattara Roma +10??C

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The Roma sleeping bag, with dimensions of 220 x 75 cm, is designed for various uses and provides a high degree of comfort.

It is ideal for nature trips, boat trips or trekking. For its versatility, it is also suitable as a blanket replacement e.g. in a campsite, caravan, or in a cottage.

However, its primary use is as a sleeping bag, which is easily portable as the dimensions in a folded state (package) are only 17 x 35 cm. The Roma sleeping bag is equipped with three layers, the outer and inner material is polyester taffeta 170T and the insulating layer is polyester fiber with a weight of 200 g / m2.

We choose sleeping bags mainly according to their temperature limits, where comfort means the temperature at which we will be comfortable, the limit is the temperature at which we will still be warm and, last but not least, there is the extreme temperature, which indicates the maximum tolerable temperature.

For temperature limits of the Roma sleeping bag, please see the table below. The limits of individual sleeping bags are always stated on the product label.

Width: 75 cm
Length: 220 cm
Weight: 0.92 kg
Filling: Not specified
Type: sleeping bag
Colour: Blue
Shape: Rectangular
Package Dimensions: 35 x 17 cm
Temperature Limit (Comfort): 20??C
Temperature Limit (Limit): 15??C
Temperature Limit (Extreme) : 10??C
Manufacturer: Cattara
Extreme temperature: 10 ??C
Comfort temperature: 20 ??C

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