RoyalBaby Learner bike 12 inch frame MAGNESIUM RO0129

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RoyalBaby Cross-country bike 12 inch frame MAGNESIUM RO0129
Cross-country bike EVA 12 inch RoyalBaby is a light, comfortable
ride in a blue and pink color with a dinosaur theme. Perfect for
children from 3 years of age. While playing, the child will
practice his sense of balance and general motor coordination,
skills necessary for later cycling with pedals. Thanks to the
adjustable saddle, the bike will grow with our little cyclist. The
lightweight Magnesium frame of the bicycle and the turn limiter in
the handlebar will ensure safe maneuvering while riding. Royalbaby
is a bicycle brand dedicated to children. Products of this brand
are characterized by high quality of workmanship, attractive design
and innovation. Royalbaby guarantees a safe and pleasant ride for
every child.

Technical data of the RoyalBaby balance bike:

- Low-set magnesium frame - makes it easier for the little ones to get in and out
- professionally profiled steering wheel
- non-slip grips on the steering wheel
- steering limiter for better steering control
- quick seat height adjustment (from 29 - 37 cm)
- durable and light Magnesium frame
- 12 inch EVA wheels
- plastic spokes
- very easy to assemble
- brand quality
- modern and elegant look
- very low weight of the bike 2.8 kg

The balance bike allows the child to learn to ride a bike on their own. The lack of pedals means that the child focuses only on maintaining balance and balancing the body, so there is no need to use attached side wheels or the help of a parent while learning.

Bike dimensions:
- length approx. 86 cm
- height from the ground to the saddle from 29-37 cm
- height from the ground to the steering wheel handle 50 cm
- 36cm wheelbase
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