Nils Extreme 16 In-Line Skates/Hockey Ice Skates Nils Extreme NH18191 2in1 Black-Blue - L(34-38)

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Nils Extreme In-Line Skates/Hockey Ice Skates Nils Extreme NH18191 2in1 Black-Blue - L(34-38)
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Nils Extreme

NH18191 Nils Extreme is a product designed for driving enthusiasts. It offers 2 configuration options. These are: ice skates, inline skates. Why is it worth choosing the NH18191 Nils Extreme model? Because it allows you to take full advantage of the advantages of playing hockey and inline skating. The NH18191 Nils Extreme skates are characterized by very good riding properties. This is due to the skids made of high-quality stainless steel and the multi-lever fastening system, consisting of a Velcro strap, buckles and shoelaces, firmly holding the feet. All this makes this model work well in all conditions, providing a unique driving experience. These are comfortable hockey skates, designed for beginners and intermediate users. Their high quality guarantees durability and resistance to mechanical damage. The NH18191 inline skates are pure fun to ride. The rollerblade is equipped with a special aluminum skid and a brake, which ensures safety while skating. In turn, the wheels and bearings of the ABEC7 class allow for lower rolling resistance, i.e. faster driving. The NH18191 Nils Extreme model is also equipped with a four-step shoe size adjustment, allowing it to be adapted to the user's needs. It is a way to save time and money. This solution, because it allows you to extend their life, also gives the possibility of using them for more than one person.

Fastening: Velcro strap
Size: L(34-38)
Bearings: ABEC7

Nils Extreme


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