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Remote controlled, great off-road model Crazon Ghost 4WD 1:16 MONSTER TRUCK is made from the best materials, so speed will be satisfactory. Vehicle according to The manufacturer can achieve speeds of 15 km / h.
It is a special purpose vehicle, thanks to its high suspension it will not have difficulty with stony ground or uphill uphill slopes of 50 °, the waterproofing that the manufacturer says will also check for puddles. Smooth acceleration control, will allow to dispense it according to your needs and requirements. The attraction in this vehicle is 4 modes of turning, so that the driver with the remote control will be able to smoothly change the orientation of the axle and thus the car. Dual-wheel steering.

Key features of this model:
- 4 swivel modes
- 4-wheel drive
- waterproof
- smooth acceleration control
- Two engines guarantee extremely high power and torque of the car
- metal shock absorbers
- light plastic, soft body will provide even more comfort while driving
- Large, rubber wheels with proper tread are ideal for difficult terrain
- wheel alignment (front, rear)
- uphill uphill climb of 50 °
- glowing lights while driving forward
- scale: 1:16
- charging time: about 4-5 hours
- 6V battery included for up to 15-20 minutes of play
- pilot range up to 50m

2.4 GHz Radio Controller for full control of the vehicle
- turn left
- turn right
- riding sideways
- riding in the circle
- turn the vehicle's rear axle
- drive forward
- drive back
- smooth speed control
- ergonomic shape of the remote control

Included are:
- buggy
- remote control
- USB charging cable
- 6V battery

Dimensions of the vehicle
- length 33 cm
- height 18 cm
- width 19 cm
- wheel diameter 8 cm
- Vehicle weight 900g

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