Marbo Sport Biceps Bench Marbo MP-L203 2.0, Professional

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Marbo Sport

The MP-L203 2.0 Modulator from the PRO 2.0 line is a conveniently adjustable exercise station that puts you in a position to sculpt steel arm muscles.

Be sure to read about the possibilities this piece of equipment gives you!

Learn what exercises you can do with the MP-L203 2.0

  • Bench-bent forearms with hammer grip
  • Pull-up forearms on a prayer bar
  • Pull-up forearms on a prayer bar with grip change


The construction of the prayer bar is based on thick 100x50 mm profiles with a 3 mm wall, which guarantees solidity and durability of the entire structure.


We have taken care of your safety by installing useful belaying holders for the barbell, thanks to which you can always throw the weight away!

For their production we used a sheet metal with an impressive thickness of 8 mm, which we protected with an anti-corrosion coating and covered with an additional layer of painted steel to blend in with the entire structure of the machine.


The three-stage seat adjustment allows you to get into the perfect position so you can perform full range of motion.

The adjustment is made using a yellow colored, aluminum spring pin. It gives you unprecedented comfort and simplicity of adjustment.

Attention to every detail

We have perfected the PRO 2.0 equipment!

The upholstery has double reinforcement on each edge of the upholstered element. We've achieved this by using thick, strong Coats core thread in combination with durable synthetic leather.

The back and seat components are set on solid #3 mm thick sheet metal. This design not only provides tremendous strength, but also an amazing aesthetic finish to your new gear.

The PRO 2 line.0 - equipment for commercial use

The best that a real bodybuilder can meet - Marbo Pro 2.0 series.

Equipment from this line has a declaration of conformity to PN-EN 957-4:2007 and can be used in commercial and public gyms. Experience the pleasure of exercising on the best equipment on the market! Class: S - Equipment intended for commercial use.

To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been tested for safety and compliance with current standards by the European Quality Centre.

The result of these tests, are Safety Certificate and Top Security Certificate, which we received for the equipment from PRO 2.0 line.

Width: 87 cm
Length: 103 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 100 cm
Maximum load: 400 kg
profiles: 80 x 40 x 3 mm
Area occupied: 0.90 m2
Seat adjustment: 4 positions
Frame color: Anthracite metallic

Marbo Sport


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