inSPORTline 18104 sõudeergomeeter inCondi RW600

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Tooteinfo on tõlkimisel. Küsimuste tekkimisel palun võtta ühendust klienditeenindusega.

The  Rowing Machine inSPORTline inCondi RW600 is a professional rowing machine which allows the user to enhance their workout through a mobile app. It features a magnetic braking system which offers as many as  16 resistance modes (which you can switch between on a backlit LCD display). This rowing machine provides a versatile workout as it offers 12 preset profile programs, a virtual race against the computer and an  HRC program, which (when used with a chest strap) adjusts the resistance to keep the user in the preset heart rate zone, thus allowing for a more effective workout and fat burning. Also related to your heart rate is the  Recovery program which tracks your fitness based on how quickly your heart rate returns to normal after the workout. You may also appreciate the  user program which you can fully adjust to fit your needs (including resistance).

During the workout, you can follow all the important information on the display: time, distance, strokes per minute, calories burned, average time (for a 500m race). On the display you can also see the graphic profile of your workout. The  inCondi technology allows you to sync this rowing machine with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and a mobile app. In the app you can control the machine from your mobile device. The main feature of the app is that it enables you to record your workout data and evaluate them. Moreover, based on your previous results, you can also plan your future workouts. Do not hesitate to share your successes with your friends on social media. And if you are looking for distractions during your workout, just go to the videos page or start browsing the Internet!

The  Rowing Machine inSPORTline inCondi RW600 also features a folding frame and transportation wheels, which allow you to move the machine to a less populated area after your workout. The rail is 98.5cm long, making it suitable for users up to 2 meters tall (i.e. virtually everyone). The wide ergonomic seat of high-quality PU plastic and adjustable footrests with tightening straps allow for a comfortable workout. Built into the rail, the ball bearings ensure smooth seat movement. When the floor is uneven, you can adjust the height of the frame using the adjustable pads. Its sturdy structure allows for a 150kg weight limit, making the  Rowing Machine inSPORTline inCondi RW600 perfect for commercial use.

Key features:

  • Sturdy rowing machine for commercial use
  • Electronically controlled magnetic resistance adjustment system
  • Backlit LCD display with tablet holder
  • Long rail with bearings
  • Folding structure saves space when not in use
  • Cable with foam handle grips
  • Wide, comfortable seat
  • can be connected to the  iC+ Training ( Android /  iOS) app via Bluetooth
  • Computer displays: time, distance, calories burned, number of strokes, heart rate, strokes per minute, time per 500m
  • Tablet connection: Bluetooth 4.0

Programs and Fit Hi Way app options:

  • Quick start
  • Manual mode – allows you to set target time/distance
  • You can create and save your own user programs
  • HRC program – heart rate tracker
  • Program which allows you to race against computer ( RACE)
  • You can  watch videos, listen to music or browse Internet during workout
  • Allows you to record your workout data and evaluate them
  • Track your progress (within days, weeks or months)
  • Share your results on social media

Technical requirements:

  • Operating system: Android 4.3 and above, iOS 9.0 and above
  • In other cases, it is recommended to try and see if the machine is compatible with your device
  • Download the app on iTunes or Google Play ( Androidalternative link)


Technical description:

Flywheel weight


Resistance operation


Number of resistance modes


Rail length


Braking system


Number of programs


Preset programs


User programs


HRC program


WATT program


Recovery program


Body Fat program


Manual program


Heart rate monitor


Transportation wheels


Uneven floor surface adjustment


HR belt receiver


HR belt included


Audio input


Folding structure


Overall dimensions

233 x 56.5 x 102cm

Folded dimensions

118.5 x 56.5 x 192.5cm

Max. User height

200 m

Weight limit




Power source

AC adaptor


S (EN957)



Weight limit (kg): 150 kg
Maximum user height: 200 cm
Flywheel weight (kg): 4 kg
Chest strap: yra komplekte
Resistance regulation: Electronic
Technology: inCondi
Transport wheels: yes
Weight: 45 kg
Compensating for uneven floor: yes
Number of resistance levels: 16
HRC: yes
Braking system: Magnetic





Trenažööri tüüpSõudeergomeeter
Programmide arv

12 tk

Trenažööri funktsioonidDistantsi mõõtmine, Kulutatud aeg, Kulutatud kalorite mõõtmine, Pulsi mõõtmine, Tõmmete arv minutis
Max kandevõime

150 kg

Trenažööri eriomadusedKokkupandav, Rattad transportimiseks

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