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The Backpack inSPORTline Sportsy is a small, lightweight and stylish backpack. Do you need a bag for your school and/or workout supplies? Do you often travel to relax or go on short trips? Or are you just looking for a solid, good-looking bag? Then complete your outfit with this fashionable backpack. Thanks to the tightening cords, you will always have your items at hand. The polyester fabric is damage resistant, easy to clean and provides protection from the (short) rain. You can wear it over your shoulder, but also as a backpack. The Backpack W-TEC Galaktik is a popular bag with a wide range of use.

Technical description:

  • Cord tightening
  • “in sport we live” printing
  • Volume: approx. 16l
  • Unfilled dimensions: 50 x 30cm
  • Weight: 44g
  • Material: polyester

Weight (g): 44 g
Material: Polyester
Color: Orange-Yellow
Reflective features: no
Raincoat: no
Volume: 16 l
Ergonomically shaped back: no
Fixing points: no
Water bag pocket: no
Optional accessories: no

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Seljakoti tüüpMultispordi seljakott
SuguMeeste, Naiste
Mõõdud ja kaal

16 L


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