inSPORTline 13495 Foam Water Dumbbell inSPORTline AquaClassic

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inSPORTline Foam Water Dumbbell inSPORTline AquaClassic
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Foam Water Dumbbells inSPORTline AquaClassic are ideal accessory for body stabilisation, mobility improving, balance keeping and upper-body workout in water. These dumbbells are made of EVA foam with high density. Weight plates are round-shaped plates for higher water resistance. Water dumbbells are used the opposite way than normal dumbbells, when we lift them to overcome the gravity. Water dumbbells are to be pushed against the water buoyancy with the intention to overcome it. You can so train all muscles which cannot be trained on the land. Moreover, water minimizes joint loading and makes your workout as smooth as possible. Foam Water Dumbbells inSPORTline AquaClassic are an ideal accessory for aqua aerobics, aqua fitness, upper-limbs recovery or for lightening your body.

Technical parameters:

  • Non-absorbent material
  • Round-shaped plates (lower water resistance)
  • Intended for upper-body training
  • Buoyancy overcoming
  • Gentle on your joints
  • In each package: 1 pair (2 dumbbells)
  • Material: EVA
  • Dimensions: 27 x 15 x 15??cm
  • Suitable for aqua aerobics, aqua fitness and recovery

Material: EVA
Pcs per package: 2 pcs
Shaft length: 27 cm
Coating: EVA
Anti-slip grip: yes
Inner screw: no


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