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UW08 HMS is a double handle designed for training on the upper and lower lift. It is used mainly to exercise the back muscles. Its shape allows for a wider range of motion than with a straight or narrow grip. It also allows for stronger muscle tension, making our training more effective. The design of the grip guarantees ideal hand placement and forces proper movement. The wide spacing of the handles allows you to perform exercises at an alternative angle to the narrow grip. This gives you the opportunity to train more effectively and fully develop a muscle group. The steel, rough grip prevents the tool from slipping out of your hands, while requiring you to have a firmer grip. Thanks to this, we also work on developing forearm muscles. The grip is made of high quality steel. It will allow you to train with a significant load. The UW08 model will help you easily and effectively develop the back muscles, which according to some are the most important for our muscular system. It is designed for both upper and lower lifts. Specifications: Material: chromed steel Length of grip (mm): 140 Diameter of gripping part (mm): 25 Number of gripping points: 2 Handle spacing (mm): 335 Handle: knurled Dimensions: length (mm): 162 width (mm): 360 height (mm): 185 diameter (mm): 25 Hole diameter (mm): 15 Product weight (kg): 2.78 Notes: Warranty 24 months



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