HMS 17 Triangular Handle HMS UW06

  1. Tootja: HMS
  2. Tootekood: 6561335
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UW06 HMS is a triangular grip. It is intended for the high pulley and fitted to it, this model can be used for training of triceps. With a proper hold and positioning of the body it can also be used for abdominals’ workout. When fixed to the high pulley, it functions as a perfect tool for exercised aimed at biceps building. Its triangular shape enables exercising at alternative angles to the straight grip. This enables a more effective and thorough development of the whole muscle and all its heads. Rubberised handpiece ensures secure and comfortable hold. Thanks to it, we can focus on precise performance of exercises and stop worrying that the grip may slip out of our hands. The grip is made of top quality steel, which enables workout with big load. Model UW06 HMS is perfect for diversification and supplementation of the biceps and triceps training. It is also an effective tool supporting muscle building. Intended for high and low pulley.


  • Material: chrome steel
  • Grip Length (mm): 110
  • Grip diameter (mm): 32
  • Number of handles: 2
  • Distance between the handles (mm): 180
  • Handle: rubber coated
  • Dimensions:
    • Length (mm): 66
    • width (mm): 320
    • height (mm): 198
    • Diameter (mm): 25
  • Hole Diameter (mm): 15
  • Product Weight (kg): 2.06


  • 24-month warranty



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