HMS 17 Training Tapes Set HMS TX Pro Blue

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TX-PRO HMS is a set of tapes that allow you to perform 750 exercises using the user's gravity and body weight. The product is a method of modern training in the spirit of CrossFit. The special shape of the handles enables easy insertion of the hands, and at the same time ensures perfect safety. The main advantages of the tape are the quality of workmanship, well-thought-out design and durability. They are a guarantee of successful training in all conditions. The set includes: a tape with a metal carabiner, tapes with rubber handles, a door handle and a net. The product uses the user's body weight to exercise their fitness and strength. Training using body inertia develops balance, joint flexibility and fitness. The universality of the tapes allows each user to adjust the training program to their preferences and capabilities. This makes them an ideal solution for people who appreciate the versatility and small size of exercise equipment. The TX-PRO model is made of extremely durable materials, thanks to which its users can be sure about their safety and comfort. The whole set weighs less than a kilogram and fits in a small bag that comes with the set. The friendly assembly system allows you to enjoy the freedom of choosing the place of training, which gives a sense of freedom and increases the motivation to exercise.

Load: 250 kg
Warranty: 24 months
Belt adjustment: 1.2-1.6 m
Arm length: 107-130 cm
Width of the handle: 13 cm
Included: net



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