HMS 17 Massage Gun HMS PDM3131 Silver

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PDM3131 HMS is a professional massage gun. It is intended for a deep massage of the entire body. The gun works well for both, athletes, people having a sedentary lifestyle as well as for physiotherapists. The product has 6 replaceable tips. Combined with up to twenty speed adjustments it enables you to adjust the massage to any type of a muscle. PDM3131 is a powerful device, tenth speed levels convert into up to 3300 movements per minute. It provides a really deep massage.

The product is very easy to use and it has a clear LED display showing the current speed and the battery charge level. It is also handy and lightweight. It is no problem to have a massage when sitting comfortably in front of the TV or at a desk at work. Moreover, the gun is equipped with a durable battery. When charged maximally it enables 1200 minute operation. The entire set is packed in a handy suitcase, which makes it easier to take the equipment on the go.

Using the gun brings two types of benefits for our body: mechanical and neurological and physiological. The mechanical benefit is hydration of muscles and fascial tissues. Shortly, all our internal tissues are surrounded by a special fluid; the more water-like consistency of the fluid, the greater the range of motion. This is how the gun works, we hydrate the tissues increasing their mobility and supporting the lymphatic system.

The second type of benefits is neurological and physiological. When doing the massage by the gun, we affect the muscle fascia and more precisely, the receptors in it. These receptors are responsible for muscle tension. Therefore, we can conclude that the PDM3131 relaxes the muscles and accelerates healing of micro-injuries, so-called sore muscles.

Application of tips:

- round - the most universal tip, intended to massage the whole body at moderate intensity

- blade - massage of places near the bone

-a fork - massage of long and narrow muscles, as well as the area around the spine, such as the neck

- flat one - larger, more tense muscles

- a bullet - very precise tip, designed for trigger points; it helps to massage difficult to reach muscles

- silencer - massage of the places closest to the bone in order to soften the hits

Material: ABS
Speed: 1500-3300 rpm
Color: Silver
Width: 6 cm
Length: 17.5 cm
Battery: 16.8 V
Number of speeds: 1-10
Weight: 760 g
Height: 22 cm
Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
Charging time: 2.5-4 h
Warranty: 24 months
Power Supply: 230 V
Motor Power: 70 W, continuous operation 50 W
Commercial use: not intended
Included: suitcase
Manufacturer: HMS
Vibration frequency (linear movement): 7 mm
Oscillation frequency: 25-60 Hz
Display type: LED
Power type: rechargeable battery
Working time when fully charged: 120 min
Number of attachments: 6
Noise level: 35 dB



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