DJI CP.MA.00000124.01 DJI Drone Mavic Mini Fly More Combo

  1. Tootja: DJI
  2. Tootekood: 6213288

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Aku mahutavus: 2400 Ah
Battery warranty: 12 month(s)

Muud funktsioonid: The Mavic Mini Fly More Combo from DJI is a compact drone that offers professional-quality results with no restrictions. Thanks to its small size, the Mavic Mini can fly where larger drones are legally not permitted, or where a drone license is required. This freedom of flight is combined with a stabilized 3-axis gimbal and sophisticated flight modes that can achieve up to 12MP images, 2.7K Quad HD videos, and complex cinematic shots with just a touch in the DJI Fly app. Another advantage of the Mavic Mini's size is that it can stay in the air longer. The Mini drone features up to 30 minutes of flight time on a full battery charge. The included controller is designed to work with Android and iOS smartphones, letting you easily fly the drone while maintaining a low-latency HD video feed from the gimbal from up to 2.5 miles away. While in the air, the Mavic Mini's 360° propeller guards help increase safety for objects and bystanders. To help get started, DJI includes a flight tutorial in the DJI Fly app, making the Mavic Mini an ideal drone solution for beginners to professionals alike. Fly More Combo The Fly More Combo configuration of the Mavic Mini is designed for the drone enthusiast and professional that wants to go out in the field with enough gear for longer shoots. Compared to the stock Mavic Mini, the Fly More Combo gives you two additional batteries, two extra pairs of propellers, an extra micro-USB cable, and a dozen extra spare screws for any on-site repairs. This combo also includes accessories the stock Mavic Mini doesn't have, such as a 360° propeller guard, 2-way charging hub, 18W USB charger, and a carry bag. Precise Hovering Thanks to the Mavic Mini's downward vision system and GPS, it can precisely hover in place both indoors and outdoors. Creator Templates A variety of creator templates are available in the DJI Fly app to help you create cinematic shots with just a tap. With QuickShot modes like Dronie, Circle, Helix, and Rocket, the Mavic Mini will execute an elaborate, pre-programmed set of moves while recording. These short videos can be shared immediately with friends or posted on various social media platforms. CineSmooth is another camera mode that slows the Mini's speed and movements, giving you greater precision and stability in tight spaces. SkyPixel The DJI Fly app gives you access to SkyPixel, a social media platform where you can share photos and videos with others, browse other people's work, and learn about cool photography spots in your area. Portable Controller The controller features removable flight sticks that can be stored inside, making the controller easier to store and take with you.
Flight time: 30 min

Producer product name: Mavic Mini Fly More Combo
Producer product family: Drone

Sisseehitatud kaamera: Y
Megapiksel: 12 MP

Tehnilised omadused: Performance Maximum Takeoff Weight 8.78 oz / 249 g Maximum Horizontal Speed 42.7 ft/s / 13 m/s Maximum Ascent Speed 13.1 ft/s / 4 m/s Maximum Descent Speed 9.8 ft/s / 3 m/s Maximum Wind Resistance 26.3 ft/s / 8 m/s Flight Ceiling 1 mi / 3000 m Maximum Flight Time 30 Minutes Maximum Tilt Angle 30° Hovering Accuracy ±0.33' / 0.1 m Vertical with Vision Positioning ±0.33' / 0.1 m Horizontal with Vision Positioning ±1.64' / 0.5 m Vertical with GPS ±4.92' / 1.5 m Horizontal with GPS Maximum Angular Velocity 150°/s (Pitch) Flight Control System GNSS Support GPS, GLONASS Vision System Vision System Downward Operating Range 1.6 to 32.8' / 0.5 to 10.0 m Operating Environment Surface with Clear Patterns at >15 lux Remote Controller / Transmitter Operating Frequency 5.8 GHz (5.725 - 5.850) Maximum Operating Distance 2.49 mi / 4 km Transmitter Power 30 dBm (5.8 G) Connectivity 1 x Lightning 1 x Micro-USB 1 x USB Type-C Battery Capacity 2600 mAh Mobile Device Compatibility Devices up to 6.30" / 160 mm Wide and 0.33" / 8.5 mm Thick App Operating System Requirements Android 6.0 and later iOS 10.0 and later Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F / 0 to 40°C Camera Sensor 1/2.3" CMOS Effective Pixels 12 MP Lens Field of View 83° Aperture f/2.8 Photo ISO Range 100 to 1600 (Auto) 100 to 3200 (Manual) Video ISO Range 100 to 3200 (Auto) Electronic Shutter Speed 4 to 1/8000 Second Photo Resolution 4:3: 4000 x 3000 16:9: 4000 x 2250 Photo Format JPEG Video Format 2720 x 1530p at 25/30 fps (40 Mb/s MP4 via H.264/AVC, MPEG-4) 1920 x 1080p at 25/30/50/60 fps (40 Mb/s MOV via H.264/AVC, MPEG-4) Recording Media microSD (up to 256 GB) Photo Modes Interval, Single Shot Gimbal Number of Axes 3 (Pitch, Roll, Yaw) Control Range Pitch: -90 to 20° Angular Speed Pitch: 120°/s Charger AC Input Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz at 0.5 A DC Input Power 12 VDC at 1.5 A Power Rating 18 W General Number of Rotors 4 Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F / 0 to 40°C Diagonal Size 8.4" / 213 mm Overall Dimensions 3.2 x 2.2 x 5.5" / 82.0 x 57.0 x 140.0 mm (Folded) 8.0 x 2.2 x 6.3" / 202.0 x 55.0 x 160.0 mm (Unfolded)
Karbi sisu: DJI Mavic Mini, Remote Controller, 3x Intelligent Flight Battery, 3x Pair of Spare Propellers, 2x Micro USB Cable, Gimbal Protector, RC Cable (Micro USB connector), RC Cable (USB-C connector), RC Cable (Lightning connector), Pair of Spare Control Sticks, 18x Spare Screw, Screwdriver, 360° Propeller Guard, Two-Way Charging Hub, DJI 18W USB Charger, Carrying Bag

Mälukaart kaasa arvatud: Ei
Toote kaal: 1.82 Kg

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