999 Binoculars Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 12x52

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Binoculars Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 12x52

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Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 12 ?? 52  is a   lightweight tourist and hunting binoculars  distinguished by a bright and detailed image and a waterproof construction, thanks to which the binoculars can be used in any weather.

Thanks to the  Twilight Light Max technology and the use  of HD lenses with full multilayer coatings, the Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 12 ?? 52 allows observation even in limited light.

The model is characterized by high resolution and sharpness of the image, a compact and waterproof design with a weight of only  907 g , making it perfect  for tourism, hunting from the pulpit and other outdoor applications, e.g. evening sky observation, bird observation, etc. The advantages of bright optics will also be appreciated by people older with impaired eyesight.

The most important advantages of the Alpine HD series:

Twilight Light Max Managment System - enjoy a bright image in all conditions.

  • Increases twilight efficiency,
  • enhances the brightness of the image in an environment with low light intensity (about 20 minutes),
  • eliminates image blur and diffused light reflection,
  • premium lenses provide edge-to-edge sharpness,
  • increases the depth and contrast of the image.

Exo Armor - rubberized protective coating of the casing ensures a secure and comfortable grip in all conditions.

Light body made of magnesium alloy - allows for comfortable carrying and easy use "by hand".

A socket with a 1 / 4-20 thread allows the installation of a tripod, which guarantees a stable image.

HD Quality - Calcium Fluoride lenses provide incredible image resolution and clarity at every magnification.

Enlarged focus ring - provides comfort and the ability to use the binoculars with gloves.

Diopter adjustment - allows you to precisely adjust the focus of the binoculars, compensating for the differences in vision between the right and left eye.

Large retractable eyecups allow you to adjust the distance of the eye, ensuring comfort during longer observations.

Roof system - binoculars in this system are lighter, more compact (in relation to the porro system) and easier to carry.

Light, durable, comfortable

The Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 12 ?? 52 has a light and durable body made of aluminum alloy, thanks to which it weighs 907 g, which is relatively little for a pair of binoculars with such optical parameters. The waterproof design means that the binoculars can be used not only in sunny weather, but also in rainy snow and in environments with high humidity. Thanks to the technology patented by the Leupold brand, nitrogen filling the binoculars are fully protected against water and internal evaporation. The tubes are covered with a rubber  Exo Armor coatingwhich protects against scratches and prevents the binoculars from slipping out of your hand. The profiled shape and anti-slip layer make the binoculars comfortable in the hand, which is especially noticeable during longer observations. For carrying the binoculars, we get a high-quality bag and a padded shoulder strap.

Bright image even after sunset

The use of anti-reflective coatings and HD lenses results in a  high resolution image and the colors are naturally reproduced. All Alpine models feature the  Twilight Light Max Management System .
The system  enhances image brightness in a low light environment, eliminates blurring and stray reflections, and  increases depth and contrast . The Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 12 ?? 52 provides bright images and high performance in low light conditions, which is why it is also suitable for observations at dusk and dawn.

Prisms in the roof system

Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 12 ?? 52 are  binoculars with prisms in the roof configuration . The advantage of this system is the smaller size and weight of the binoculars, which makes it comfortable and easy to carry. High magnification ensures excellent visibility of details, which is why 12 ?? 52 binoculars are often used to observe airplanes (during passages), birds that are difficult to get close to, and objects far away. The advantages of bright optics with a large exit pupil will also be appreciated by enthusiasts of evening sky observations, who can mount the binoculars on a tripod and comfortably admire the beauty of the sky.

 Wysuwane muszle oczne oraz du??a odleg??o???? ??renicy wyj??ciowej pozwalaj?? na komfortowe prowadzenie obserwacji osobom nosz??cym szk??a korekcyjne. Regulacji ostro??ci obrazu dokonujemy za pomoc?? powi??kszonego pokr??t??a, kt??rego ryflowane ??cianki pozwalaj?? na regulacj?? obrazu tak??e w r??kawicach. Lornetka ma regulacj?? dioptrii na prawym okularze, s??u????c?? do niwelowania r????nic widzenia prawego i lewego oka.

Total height [mm] : 165
Manufacturer: Leupold, USA
Application (intended use): hunting, outdoor
Weight [g]: 907
Warranty period: Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
Backfilling gas: Nitrogen
Angular field of view [??]: 5
Linear field of view at 1000 m [m]: 87
Min. Focusing distance [m]: 3.8
Distance from to eye [mm]: 15
Zoom [??] : 12
Eyepiece distance [mm]: 60-78
The arrangement of the prism: roof
Exit pupil [mm]: 4
Possibility to mount a tripod: Yes
Adjustable eyecups: Yes
Objective diameter [mm]: 52
Elements of a set of binoculars: bag, neck strap, optics cleaning cloth, lenses caps, binoculars

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