Basketball 170 cm electronic counter Points

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Basketball 170 cm electronic counter Points


Basketball set is the perfect way to spend free time
for younger and older children.

By adjusting the stand, you can adjust the height of the basket to the needs of the child.
Adjusting the set from 97 cm to 170 cm.
The set contains a large, solid base, which can additionally be loaded with water or sand.
Assembly assembly is very simple and takes a few minutes.
The toy is powered by batteries, the game is accompanied by blinking red lights on the board, happy tunes and noises as well as applause.
There are points on the board.
For each accurate shot you get 2 points, after 50 seconds the melody accelerates and for each accurate glory we get 3 points.
Instructions for placing on the packaging.
The toy is powered by 3 x AAA batteries - not included.
The toy is intended for children from 3 years of age and has a CE certificate.
The whole packaged in a colorful suitcase packet, ideal for a gift.


Content of the set

- blackboard,

- hoop
- grid,
- basketball ball,
- pump with a needle,
- the basis,
- aluminum tubes,
- a set of screws and nuts necessary for assembly.




- board about 43 cm x 33 cm,

- rim diameter approx. 24 cm,
- the height of the set from approx. 97 cm to 170 cm,
- ball diameter after inflating approx. 14 cm.

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