1030494 Adjustable Weight Dumbbells EB Fit, 2x20kg

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Build your form beyond the norm! Dumbbells and barbells are an absolute "must have" for every athlete. Now, thanks to EB FIT technology, with 1 set of 2x20 kg you can train your WHOLE BODY. Burn fat, increase the sculpture / muscle mass and achieve your dream silhouette at home.

You can combine two short barbells into a classic barbell. With this innovative 2-in-1 solution, you will perform full body exercises. Simple and convenient. You can expand your training range by performing exercises that are impossible or inconvenient with dumbbells alone. You can add/subtract loads to the grips at any time. You adjust the load during the workout, adjusting the weight to your needs.

By universal application you will use the set for barbell and barbell exercises. After training with dumbbells you can quickly combine the whole into a barbell without having to buy a barbell separately. You gain valuable space at home or in your home gym. No more cluttering the four walls - the set takes up less space than several sets of dumbbells and separate barbells. The plates are coated with a layer of plastic, so the dumbbells are perfect for training at home - they won't scratch the floor! Hexagonal shape instead of circle - the load does not "ride" on the floor (especially in the case of unevenness)

Training dumbbells 2x20 kg with barbell function, is a universal 23-piece set for everyone. It is used for strength training, general development and rehabilitation. Training with weights will help you shape muscles of forearms, shoulders, arms and chest. The exercises can be performed while standing, sitting or lying on a training bench. Dumbbells are used for strength training as well as combinations of fitness exercises. Exercising with dumbbells and barbells is one of the most universal forms of physical activity. The product is ideal for both advanced and beginner users.

Simple and strong joints make you feel safe while exercising. High-quality materials increase the durability of the set, giving you the ability to use it for years. Threaded clamps and perfectly matched hole diameter of the plates, make it easy to quickly change the load and secure, stable positioning on the griffin.

- Short griffin (length 50.5 cm) x 2 pcs.

EB FIT is a brand specializing in fitness accessories and equipment for home gyms. Many years of experience and excellent reviews guarantee your satisfaction with the purchase.

Note: The product may vary slightly visually depending on delivery while maintaining all functional features.

Color: Red
Bar diameter: 2.5 cm
Type: Adjustable weight dumbbells
Bar length: 50.5 cm
Grip diameter: 2.5 cm
Set weight: 41.5 kg
Bar weight: Not specified
Clamps: 4 pcs
Barbell material: ABS
Plate material: PE (polyethylene)
Plate diameter: 20 cm
Plate hole diameter: 3 cm
Plate weight: 2.5 kg
Pcs. of weights: 16 pcs.
Barbell adaptor length: 40 cm
Barbell connector inner diameter: 2.5 cm
Barbell connector outer diameter: 4 cm
Plate thickness: 4 cm

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